ESP-01 and 07 progress

After a few weeks of playing with them I finally have something worth writing about!

For the 07 nothing much more than I finally made a breakout board, as you can see here:


Its raised on a random SMD electro cap, and connected to the perfbpard with zero ohm resistors.
(The cap has only one purpose, raise the module)

As for the 01,
I rewired the serial lines up to pins 10 & 11, for software serial, then using the EasyIoT library have it connected to the Easy IoT server running on a raspberry pi elsewhere in the house!

At the moment it’s got a relay, but when I get some more sensors and modules I’ll make a while bunch of things. Need some of those temperature and humidity combo sensors, and some of that 2.4ghz rf transceivers for low power nodes. Also need some 3.3v pro minis šŸ˜€

Here’s the 01:


External 5v goes in, relay feeds It’s VCC off this, then it goes through an 13337 based regulator down to 3.3v for the esp, (have to wire in a selection switch for powering the arduino also from this 5v source. Then a proper power connector.

Will update soon with any changes šŸ™‚

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