NFC Implant

It’s been a while. 

Since I was here last, I’ve gotten myself an NFC implant. 
Specifically a Dangerous Things xNT. 

I got the install done at Stone Heart in Sydney by Joeltron!

Here is a video of the live stream I did during the install:

Heres the HD footage of the install:

Also here’s a bonus video of scanning my hand on an opal reader:

Basically, it’s an Ntag216, implanted just under the skin next to my thumb on my left hand. 
It’s safe and cool. There’s plenty of info online if you want specifics. 
I’ve also picked up a few NFC devices to test with, two USB readers, and some Arduino RC522 modules !

I’ve had luck with the ACS 122 AND THE RC522 so far, both recognise my hand and can interact. However with the 122 I’m having difficulty finding software that works. 
The gototag software is looking the most promising, however it seems to have a bug at the moment where it is incorrectly identifying my hand as being write protected. 

I have spoken with Amal from Dangerous Things and he has confirmed there looks like something wrong. He is attempting to contact gototag to get this resolved, and seems to better understand exactly what’s wrong!
For the RC522, It can dump my card perfectly, and read the UID. 

I tried the access code control example sketch but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. 
I have some suspicion about the Arduino mega 2560 I’m using so I might pickup a new Uno or nano. 
I’ll keep this page updated as I learn more, or I’ll write a new post. Something on the other will happen!
Ciao for now 
Edit: oh right the blood thing, when I got the tag implanted Joeltron drew a smiley face on my hand in my own blood, I thought that was hilarious and wanted to share, hahahhaha