Potential idea for a reconfigurable, portable, HF antenna ?

So I just had an idea, see this:

Portable HF Antenna Idea

Maybe, just maybe, this would work.

you’ll need an antenna tuner because reasons, and probably extra strain relief, but think about it.

need a 10/20/40m antenna?
hook up two 10m cat5 lengths!

you could keep it in a bag, and go off camping or to a field day, forgot your cables?
no prob! head to a nearby electronics store and grab some ethernet of the length you need!

where the cat5 jacks connect to the pl-259, all wires are used in the cat5.



pfSense update

About a month ago, I set up pfSense on an old PC, and switched it to my main router around a week later once I had gotten the hang of it.

I turned our Asus DSL-N55u to bridge mode, and then pfSense was controlling the ADSL as well!
And with the Meraki MR18 handling WiFi, everything was taken care of.

now, Everything was running fine except a few things..

I have it set up with a squid cache, with max item cach size of 1gb. because it has a 500gb disk in it so I figured why not?

occasionallyyy, the i.imgur website will get weird errors and a few reloads are necessary ?
This seems to be remedied after a reboot of the cache, but im still not sure why it was doing this. maybe time sensitive cookies or something?


The other thing is this:

I had my private DNS server in the list that DHCP hands out,
now one would expect as it isnt the ONLY DNS server that clients handle this just fine, so if they need to find testing.stupidurl they check them all, the public DNS say no, but mine says yes!

for the windows and android machines in the house this was very much the case.


but for the apple devices…. THEY KEPT *ONLY* SEARCHING MY DNS SERVER!
This meant that many actual websites and services kept reporting a DNS lookup error whenever people tried to use them.
Everybody in my house except me use apple devices so I have had to remove my DNS server, which has remedied the problem, and not too big a problem as I can just add it to my devices myself.. but still, why didn’t the apple devices query all the DNS servers and pick a working one ? =_=

The problem was consistent across Mac OS X, iOS 7, 8 on iPhones and iOS 8 on iPads….


Oh well… Heres a screenshot of pfSense for anybody interested:



And one of the APs local page: