Lightroom Macro Board

I’m designing and building a little 4×4 mechanical keyboard for quick access to some Adobe Lightroom adjustments I often make.

I don’t even know if Lightroom can be controlled entirely with keyboard shortcuts!
If it cannot, i’ll get creative.

I am using some metal plate I found on ebay with 4×4 mounts for mechanical switches, the MX style Gatreon browns fit pretty well!

This is the key map i would like:

keyboard-layout (3)

Exposure +, Exposure -, Auto Tone, Export
Contrast +, Contrast -, Vibrance +, Vibrance –
Highlights +, Highlights -, SaturationĀ +, Saturation –
Clarity +, Clarity -, Vignette +, Vignette –

I have since found this to be impossible šŸ™

I created a new layout that is very possible:


Heres some photos of where i’m at at the moment:

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Someone amazing over on r/mk (/u/iandr0idos) made this website:Ā
t’s a TMK firmware generator!
If you dump the file ‘layout (2).json‘ into it then you’ll get the layout for how i’ve wired this board.

You can find the full firmware files here:

The firmware can be compiled on:Ā

Or you can download the pre-compiled hex from:

At the moment it is configured for whatever the keycaps show, I will figure out the Lightroom keymap soon and replace the caps when I get them!

It is configured for the keymap, with two layers and macros programmed.


I am using an Arduino Pro Micro for the firmware because its much cheaper and easier to obtain here in Australia.
To flash the hex you will need this modified version of XLoader configured for the Atmega32u4

Additionally, You will need to reset the board by shorting RST and GND right before clicking the upload button.
Make sure you have selected the correct serial port as it will be different in bootloader mode.

The Pro Micro pinout is as follows:
wMNx2u6as found here:

LED Dress was a success!

Hey all!

Just a quick update to let you know the LED Dress was an awesome success!
It looked better than I imagined!

Once again I want to express a huge thanks to Tearschu for making the dress perfectly, and Naifel for modelling it so beautifully! (Thanks Tim for helping too!)
It’s an amazing feeling having an idea and making it become a reality!

Heres some sneak peeks before I get around to editing the photos:





Original post can be found here:Ā

ESP8266 Servo Control

I wanted to control a Servo using the Blynk library form an ESP8266,

So I hooked up a TowerPro SG-5010 servo to my ESP8266 devkit 1.0 thing, uploaded the servo sweep test code to see if it works, and IT WORKED!
Until the magic smoke came out…

It looks like ive fried my dev board goddamnit, maybe i shouldnt have pulled 5v from the VIN pin on the USB TTL adapter….. D:







With a new dev board, a v0.9 one, and an external 5v power source we have done away with the magic smoke!
Ill upload the Blynk sketch and see how we go.