Programming BeeBest/Xiaomi A208

I found a BeeBest/Xiaomi? A208 walkie talkie at a shop near me for a very reasonable price. So I picked one up to give it a try. It seems to be a less-featured version of the fancy xiaomi radios that have bluetooth and digital features. This one seems to be just a 16 channel analog FM radio covering 400-470 at 5W.

Unfortunately, it would seem the programming must be done from Windows using a proprietary cable. Luckily for us, the programming cable appears to be a simple PL_2303 USB-TTL adapter and a micro USB plug!

Some searching around found this page, that has a diagram of the pinout.

This looks rather easily replicatable. as the NC pin is normally not connected in a Micro USB cable anyway.. I got an old cable, wired up the pins accordingly, and loaded up the software which you can get here:

By the way! The software can be easily changed to english:

I made up a simple cable with a CH340G TTL adapter I had spare, turned on the radio, and it works!

Make sure you select the correct MODEL NUMBER and SERIAL PORT in the software.

You can change the language of the radio prompts to ENGLISH or OFF in the advanced settings pane.

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