Lasercut Server Rack Blanking Panels

To my surprise, I cannot find any sort of blanking panel template for laser cutting on the internet. Considering how common laser cutters are becoming, I expected to find at least some… oh well, I have made my own and will share it with you here!

I threw this together in Illustrator and share with you three files, an AI, an SVG and a DXF for cutting or whatever you want.


1U and 2U Blanking Panels DXF

Edit: cut and tested some they fit well 🙂

8 thoughts on “Lasercut Server Rack Blanking Panels”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve started wandering through your posts and am in awe as to the breadth and depth of what you tackle given it seems you’re tackling new stuff each time and get good outcomes!

    If it’s not too rude, what’s you’re background/training/job and does it have any bearing on how you got into dabbling per your blog?

    You read as being Aussie located (eg Jaycar etc) and as I’m relatively new to ‘hands on’ (at least in this arena) I would appreciate any pointers (eg: where to go!) – The one that triggered this message is simply, who did you get to do the laser cutting and how did it go?


    1. Thanks so much for reading!

      My background is mostly IT 🙂

      I did a network administration course at Tafe Free high school but it didn’t really teach me all too much new.
      Most of what I post about here is self taught, and in general, it’s not hard to do things the right way, it just takes a little bit of sitting down and some hard work!
      I currently work as an on site support specialist at a bank in the Sydney CBD, providing support for things that 1 year ago I knew very little about.

      I just sat down and played with them until I was an expert.

      Having a homelab is super helpful, it gives you the freedom to experiment at home with anything you could want to do.

      What kinds of thing were you wanting to learn? I’m happy to give some pointers or meet up and show you how I do things 🙂



  2. Thanks for the comprehensive backgrounding.

    I’ve been involved in engineering management (mining/civil/energy) far removed from hands-on stuff for some years. In my earlier days I got into wire wrapping prototypes, etching PCBs, writing Assembler, C & C++ but am a complete novice these days in terms knowing what’s what re the world of IoT etc. Slowly getting into the swing of things…

    On one front, I’m slowly fitting out a 42U rack with bits and pieces whilst on another I’m tinkering with coding up some Arduino modules to integrate weather monitoring, evap cooling, gas heating, duct registers into a predictive integrated HVAC system.

    I’m in Melbourne and noted you’re in Sydney but was wondering, none the less, where you got the laser cutting done for the rack plates and if you have any pointers re where to go for ‘mechatronic’ stuff (eg supplies/services)?


    1. In Sydney we have a makerspace called Robots and Dinosaurs, I’ve been a member for a long time so I have 24/7 access. They have a laser cutter, 3d printers, CNC machines etc.

      I’ve been to one in Melbourne but they didn’t have a laser 🙁

      Look around though! Great places to hang out and meet people with similar interests!

      Usually I buy electronics from AliExpress, but sometimes, core electronics or Jaycar if I need it faster.

      The Home Assistant Community forums are a great resource too for IoT things.

      Are you interested in amateur radio?

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