Connecting A/C to IoT


Ive wanted to do this for a while, and ive started making a bit of progress. I was hoping I could finish this tonight but it doesnt look like thats going to happen.


Following the guidance of the write up over here:


Ive come up with the following data from my A/C remote:
ON: 9E00000A
OFF: 8E00000A

16C: 9A00000A
17C: 9A80000A
18C: 9A40000A
19C: 9AC0000A
20C: 9A20000A
21C: 9A00000A
22C: 9A60000A
23C: 9AE0000A
24C: 9A10000A
25C: 9A90000A
26C: 9A50000A
27C: 9AD0000A
28C: 9A30000A
29C: 9AB0000A
30C: 9A70000A

LOWFAN: 9E00000A
MEDFAN: 9600000A
HIFAN: 9A00000A

AC: 9A60000A
DHM: 5A60000A
FAN: DA60000A

SWN: 9A00000A
NOSW: 9800000A




The end piece is 0000A, this seems to remain constant on mine. It might have data in it for timer, but I don’t care about that. The vent swinging data seems to change the same bits as the fan speed data, but to an alternate value.

I’ve been reading through DL_Aircon.cpp for a while now and I cant grasp what goes where..

Now, I can see the patterns, not that I understand them :’)

I was never good at understanding things like this..

I need someone to help me in understanding how to get my data into the code so that I can get it uploaded to my ESP8266 and test it.

I might hit up Ruiqi Mao again… hmmm

This is the file the data has to go into…

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