Keyboard protector alarm

It has come to my attention that the biggest risk at a keyboard meetup is having your keyboard stolen. For this I propose a precaution that can be taken to protect your board.  
The case and the ground pin in a mini / micro USB connector are not always shorted together. In cases where they are an open circuit until you connect them,a custom device can be made. 

You create a cable where it uses the ground pin and the plug casing as a switch. When it is plugged into a keyboard, it will close the circuit. When I bugged the circuit will then open. You can use the circuit opening event to trigger a loud audible alarm, along with anything else like flashing lights or whatever you want. 

This way you could make it a requirement to speak to an event staff or enter a pin to remove your keyboard. 

Therefore only the owner of the board is able to disconnect it without drawing everyone’s attention to the act. 

As an added bonus you can feed in +5v on the appropriate pin to power the board for lights and sounds and whatnot. 

This same method can likely be adapted to different connector types providing the ground pin is not already connected to the connector casing. 
And with some trickery that requirement can probably be worked around. 
I might make a prototype soon when I get a mini USB connector. 

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