starting pitch


an led bar graph, an arduino, and a bluetooth module. (RTC module too?)

the arduino scans for a bluetooth mac address (the mac of the phone belonging to the person the cuddleometer will respond to)

it will measure the time it is within proximity of that mac address and proportionately raise and lower the bar graph based on time since it sees the mac and time since is SAW the mac.

this allows it to “recharge” when you are with your significant other, and to “discharge” when you are away for them.

once the graph gets low, an additional led could flash indicating dangerously low cuddle gauge levels. and requesting a recharge.

this allows couples to keep track of the cuddle levels and ensure they always stay at a safe level.

additional thoughts

-gsm module to allow for e-cuddles
-wifi to allow proximity based cuddles / pausing cuddle drain when at home
-analog meter support for base station cuddle-o-meter
-a decided upon name
-a add on device that can be activated when a physical hug is engaged that speeds up the recharge process significantly


gsm –
mcu –
bar –
led –
wifi –
btle –
batt –
usb –
rtc –

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