USB Volume Knob

Hi all,
Today I went to visit Merlion! 

It was nice. But I found myself lacking of what to do next, so I opened my Google Keep and saw a list of parts needed to build a USB volume knob. 

I took a trip from Raffles Place to Bugis and changed to the Downtown Line, then a few minutes later I was at Rochor and was a short walk from Sim Lim Square / Tower. 
I looked around Square for a bit first before heading over to the Tower, the Tower is more hobbyist electronics. 

After looking around for half an hour I found all the parts I needed, 
I had a lot of trouble finding a knob I liked, well not really, I found the perfect one, but it has the incorrect mount for my Rotary encoder!

After assembling everything it would seem my Digispark is corrupt…. It shows up as ‘device descriptor failed’

To fix this I would reflash it’s bootloader, however I cannot do that without a USBASP… And I don’t have one on me…
Oh boy this was almost a great day project :’)


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