Fiber, Fibre and Networks

Over the weekend I picked up some fiber gear from the lab, took it home and decided to replace the links between rooms with it!

I brought home my trusty old Lindy switch I got years ago from ByteFoundry, some multimode OM3 cable with LC connectors, and I already had some 850nm optical transceivers at home in my tool box. 

I replaced the run of copper from the core in the living room to the Lindy switch in my bedroom, it’s just sitting there for now, I’ll grab a Lack when I’m near Ikea next and mount it to that. 

This solves my problem of having to do my wired network projects in the living room ! I finally have spare ports in my bedroom haha 

The core switch in the living room has 3 spare SFP ports?, which leaves room for a second link to my room that I could trunk if I setup a NAS in there, and a link to my flatmates room, still leaving a spare port for a link to the veranda or garage if I setup a rack there. 

There’s little benefit to this as the links are still 1gbps but the fiber has a smaller profile physically to the copper so it pleases me. 
Plus it’s nice to play with fiber!
I’ll get some of that Velcro people use over cables to replace the duct tape as that’s already peeling 🙁
Here’s some photos of how it is:

I should get around to setting up a Spillpass hotspot already!

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