Bug in portable opal checkers

Hey all, I identified a bug in the portable tap on detectors transit officers use.

If a user taps on but isn’t sure if they have, so they tap again and get the “already tapped on” message, it will update the opal with the last tap event being “tap on error”

Therefore you are tapped on but if your card is scanned it will show as not tapped on because it only checks the last event.

You still have to tap off or you get max fare or whatever the penalty is for not tapping off, even though the transit officer tells youuuuu the opal is not tapped on.


I tapped on at central light rail, the tap point said “try again” so I tried again and it said “already tapped on”

Fast forward, ticket checking guy checks my opal “you didn’t tap on”
I assure him I did, he scans and gets tap on fail error.
I scan with my phone and get the same thing.

When I alight at the star, I tap off and am charged my usual fare

I scan my opal again with my phone and my last event is tapped off.

I smell a bug D:< Update: I was able to confirm this bug this morning with a ticket checker on the tram.

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