Baofeng headset adapter

Not being content with the painful to wear headset my friend received with their baofeng uv-5r radio, they asked me to make an adapter to use regular headphones with it.

I went one step further for them and included support for headphones with microphone, and PTT button.

This is the working prototype, have to tidy it up a little, and mount things nicely in a box.

It break out to two 3.5mm sockets, one for speakers and one for mic. From there I’m using a spare adapter I had that turns the two separate sockets into a single 4-pole socket!

This let’s you use 4-pole earphones with mic

The volume is crazy loud at the moment so I’ll have to add in a resistor. And nothing is soldered yet, just twisted in, Hehe. I’m in a train (y)

Anyway, I can’t test the mic yet, but the PTT button does work. Not sure where it would be most convenient yet

I’ll figure something out. For now enjoy these images :






4 thoughts on “Baofeng headset adapter”

  1. Hi Lewys,
    The image links are to your local docker image, so they will work for you, but nobody else.
    Try shutting down docker, clearing your browser cache, and then you will see that the images don’t work.
    You need to upload the images to your blog site and change the links.

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