The eero Wireless thing


Just a little post to voice my opinion about the eero wireless device that surfaced overnight,

From what I have read about this device, it is a mesh networking device that is simple to use down to the point of needing almost no user interaction.

In fact, I believe they are claiming that after the initial setup there is no specific need for human interaction at all, it should take care of itself, including rebooting if the DSL/net drops out (straya m8) |

My first impression is that it looks like a poor mans Cisco Meraki,
which is what I use at home (one station, MR18)

I do feel they are going to have a hard time becoming popular though as they are asking a lot of money for them!
For the discounted pre-order price of the eero ($125 each or three for $299) you can already get a high end wireless router, and probably even a decent wireless repeater on top of that considering you would probably want more than one to take full advantage of the purpose of the device!


I would also like to note im a bit sceptical about its claim to be able to fix WiFi problems automatically, what if the DSL drops out?

It cant reset the DSL modem ?
The eero itself is just a router..


but oh well, I haven’t actually used the device.

I may send them an email about getting a unit to loan out and review properly.

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  1. I think that it would be a great device for the consumer use but if you need anything with power go for Cisco as you said it seems like a poor mans Meraki, but for base consumer like my parents it would be great.

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