Updated Photograhy Site


I have finally fixed this blog so that its back!

I have also finally updated the slideshow and description on my photography site: http://paradox.photography/


I was having a heap of issues with the DNS, but my good friend Tyler Adler fromĀ http://adlerhost.com/ is helping me out with DNS and web hosting.


Now, a challenge I faced with the slideshow was that I wanted to showcase some of my portrait oriented photos, but the slideshow only allowed for landscape orientation. I didn’t want to let this stop me though to I chose my favorite three photos in portrait and fit them together in photoshop, over the top of one of the landscape photos.


I was experimenting with some other photos too, but I think these worked best.


I will have to change the dimensions of the image though as its cropping it on the actual page.



Yay for photos! \o/