dump of plans, thoughts and ideas

Backup battery for ceiling arduino, mount to proto shield, put in case

AC to 5v transformer.

Emergency lighting

Crude Diagram:


5v power supply also connects to 3.3v regulator, which arduino reads, when this drops to 0v turn on led_pin.

Ping method won’t work on light because its offline! Doh!

if(ping = reply){

digitalWrite(4, HIGH);


digitalWrite(4, LOW);


Arduino pro mini based light switch

Send same on/off signals as http requests (30/31)

3 indicates start bit

Second bit is state to switch relay.

Purchase or make two position momentary wall mount switch and wire buttons up to send signals to light.

Ethernet arduino add motor shield and use directly for blinds control or use separate mini arduino ?

Undecided. Probably mini.

Can adapt existing code for light to operate blinds servo or stepper motor.

And can easily send different control bits from existing code in etherten. Easy to add more sections ! 😀