Powershell For loops

For loops have three parts:

For ($1; $2; $3){


$1 is the initial value
$2 is the condition
$3 is what to loop

first, $1 is checked against the condition ($2) then, $3 is run and checked against the condition, if it still matches the condition, the loop continues.
if it no longer matches the condition, the loop exits.

refer to le dodgy diagram



Broken Example Code:


#I couldnt figure out the factorials and it kept getting me confused and stuck so ill use addition instead. >dealwithit.gif

$nums [email protected]()
$array [email protected]()

[int]$times = read-host “how many sums will you do”

For ($i=0; $i -lt $times; $i++)

$num1 = read-host “enter a number”
$num2 = read-host “enter a second number”

$num3 = [int]$num1 + [int]$num2

$array = @($num1,$num2,$num3)
write-host $num1″+”$num2″=”$num3
For ($i=0; $i -lt $times; $i++){
write-host “Nums”`t”Sum”
write-host $array[-$array.count]$array[-2] `t $array[-1]
write-host $array[$i]`t$

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